Trying to sell and make a change

Well for the last few weeks we have been trying to sell our 2011 Dutch Star 4336, motorhome.  It’s a great motorhome but we’ve given serious thought to switching to a Mobile Suites 5th wheel, for more of a home like atmosphere.

Rick spent the greater portion of the last 2 plus weeks dealing with a guy from out of state who said he wanted to buy the motorhome and the Jeep.

Countless hours working with him on the phone, texting, emails and writing purchase letters and the like, as well as researching deals on a truck and the 5th wheel. 

So the first sales agreement was for both rv and Jeep,  it also spelled out a lot of specific details about the transaction, and what was included etc.
We asked for a non-refundable deposit in the agreement.  Which didn’t seem to bother him, but saying that both are used and are being sold as is with some exceptions did bother him and we discussed that,  after which he agreed to sign and send the agreement and the deposit next day air.

Two days later he’s decided to use our dealership for financing to try and make the deal go easier for all.
He had also suggested days for the transactions to take place around the 2nd of August,  so we agreed and starting making plans.

I made suggestions for various ways we might handle things to speed up the process and give him ample time to get home, which he seemed to have totally overlooked.

In the agreement it said that advertising would cease upon reciept of the deposit. The next communication is saying he can not get temporary plates unless he has a title to transfer and bill of sale in hand and it all had to be done in the state where he lived.

So because of having to come to Mn. Do the paperwork then fly home to get plates it all of a sudden got messy. Then he started coming up with a laundry list of events that make his original date of sale undoable.
So now he’s unhappy with doing multiple trips here to MN ànd it’s my fault because I wanted to keep the schedule he originally suggested. 

Despite this he wanted to move ahead, so he requested I get a new set of sales agreements written and sent to him and the lenders so things could move ahead.
He had reasoned that because our dealership in MN was doing the financing and inspection of the rv we should be ok without the deposit.

He also asked for sales documents and copies of titles be sent to the appropriate places,  and with that the new sales agreements with copies of the titles were emailed out, with copies to him also.

So a week before the above while he was hedging and refusing to send the deposit I adjusted the price in our ad in case he opted to back out again.  Well it just so happened that he decided to look at the ad after he got the documents and saw I was asking a lower price than where we started,  but still  $20,000.00 more than he and I agreed on.

After seeing that he writes me a nasty email saying he was being betrayed! That I was trying to sell the motorhome behind his back,  and I was delaying the sale of things so I might be able to get a better deal.  Needless to say he said he was backing out of the deal.  This is the third time now,  and in my opinion should be his last time to back out. 
He has been eratic all the way, hot and cold, wanting everything for nothing, throwing in the towel when there was a half a day delay in responding to him once.

Well my lesson is that I need to give up control of timing of things that are not mine to control.  Be patient and wait for God’s timing and not settle for less because someone is the first fish to nibble on the bait.

So trust God,  and wait for his timing,  and not to take control.
I also need to be patient,  not overly detailed on things and not coddle someone who is acting fickle or making quick, hot headed decisions.

Lesson learned,  and a new respect for sales people who probably see this happen far too often.
Happy Trails all

Settling In @ Cypress Trail RV Resort

Three weeks ago today we broke camp at the Space Coast RV park in Rockledge, FL to travel to our new location in Cypress Trail RV Resort in Ft. Myers, FL.  We have been spending our time enjoying the park amenities, walking and biking around the park, participating in a few of the resort activities, getting together with fellow campers and exploring the area.

Good friends of ours from MN, Larry and Susan Fannon were camped next to us for a week. It was so nice having friend here to spend Christmas with! We attended several activities and gatherings here in the resort together and fellowshipping around our new outdoor gas fire pit. Christmas Eve the four of us went out to dinner at the Edison Restaurant before attending the lovely Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at our church.

We also connected with two other couples who sat at our table at a potluck dinner last Tuesday. One couple, Everett and Maria have a home in Orlando. They previously lived and worked in MN and their children still live there. Unfortunately, Everett and Maria were only here for 5 days, but it sure was fun meeting and getting to know them!

Larry and Susan left Sunday morning to go to a RV Resort in Bonita Springs where they will camp for the next 3 months. The resort is a little less than 30 minutes south of us, so we will still be able to get together with them. Everett and Maria also left Sunday to return to Orlando, but they are planning a return trip in the next month or so.

After bidding farewell to our old friends and our new friends, we decided to go to Ft. Myers Beach for the day. We hit San Carlos Blvd around noon and the traffic leading to the Mantanza Bridge was backed up for miles – it took us 40 mins to go 2.5 miles to the beach area!! Not too surprising we finally realized, considering the fact that it is Christmas break.

We parked in a restaurant parking lot on the beach where we ate lunch and afterwards we took a long, leisurely walk. My good friend, Terri texted to tell me that she was going to ride her bike from her house in Estero to where we were. It took her 2.5 hours and timing was perfect – she arrived just a few minutes after we returned to the parking lot from our walk. We enjoyed a glass of wine, some shrimp and conversation before watching the always amazing sun set.

We have tickets to attend the New Years Eve dinner/dance in the beautiful ballroom here at the resort this evening.

Wishing you all a A happy and prosperous New Year!



Second Trip to Key West

This time we managed to get our picture taken together at the SouthernMost Point. Just so happened that there was a Cuban gentleman in line behind us, so we took his picture with his traveling companion and then he took some for us.

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Rick n Pam’s 2014 RV Adventures

Year in Review:
Jan – mid April we were camped at Mesa Regal RV Resort in Mesa, AZ where Rick did work kamping to pay for our parking spot and utilities while Pam finished Biblical Counseling homework.  We invested in hiking boots, backpacks and walking sticks in order to do some desert/mountain hiking on weekends.

The last of Feb, Pam’s brother came to visit for a couple of weeks. To celebrate Rick’s birthday in Feb, we went to a Bed and Breakfast in Benson, AZ where explored the historic copper mining town of Bisbee, AZ and found an excellent restaurant for Rick’s birthday meal.

Mid April we broke camp in Mesa and drove to Yuma, AZ. Crossed the border into Los Algadones, Mexico a couple of days where we ordered new eye glasses, Pam had a dental visit and Rick contracted Monte Zuma’s Revenge. He claims that I coerced him into eating fish taco’s that I ordered, but decided not to eat because they were deep fried. He also had a beer and put a lime in it, so we’ll never know the real cause, but the bathroom was his closest friend for a couple of days. When he recovered, we headed west to CA. We stayed in a RV park in Oceanside and spent a couple of weeks exploring the San Diego area.

We left San Diego to begin our northward journey up the CA coast May 12th. We spent 3 nights at Flying Flags RV Resort in Buellton and 2 weeks a little further north at Paso Robles RV Ranch. During our time in Paso Robles, we drove to the quaint coastal towns of Morro Bay and San Simeon. In Morro Bay, we discovered a great little place that sells fresh fish and in San Simeon we took a tour of the Hearst Castle.

The end of May, we left the RV and the cat in Paso Robles and drove the Jeep east to Palm Springs to use a week of timeshare points and to celebrate our 15th anniversary. During our stay, we spent an afternoon Jeeping in Joshua Tree National Park, took the Aerial Tramway to the top of San Jacinto Mountain where we enjoyed an amazing view of the desert below and spent an afternoon in the mountain town of Ildylewild.

On our return to Paso Robles, we picked Journey up from boarding and left Paso Robles to head further up the coast. We stayed at The Garlic Farm RV Park in Gilroy, CA – the Garlic Capital of the World. Spent a couple of days exploring the enchanting coastal towns of Monterey Bay and Carmel by the Sea. Pam’s favorite part of that trip was Pebble Beach Drive – a 17 mile self guided tour that includes the Pebble Beach Golf Course, where we had lunch at the Stillwater Bar & Grille. Pam finally had fish taco’s and thought they were absolutely amazing!

Our next destination was Petaluma, CA – just a little north of San Francisco. We spent an afternoon in Sonoma where we had lunch and visited one of the local wineries. Then we drove to San Francisco hoping to capture a sunset. We ended up at Pier 39 on the San Francisco Bay, but it was dusk by the time we arrived, so we were unable to catch a sunset, but we found a great restaurant that served fresh seafood.

Monday morning we left Petaluma and drove to Redding, CA. One evening we went to Bethel Church and spent time in the House of Prayer chapel.

Leaving Redding we continued north to Mt. Shasta City. One afternoon we drove up a winding mountain road to a point where the road was closed to vehicle traffic. We parked, got out and hiked up the mountain until it got too steep to continue.

Leaving Mt. Shasta we drove across the border into OR where we saw rain for the first time in several months! We camped in Coos Bay RV Park for 3 nights and then we drove along 101 to Lincoln City where we camped at Premier Lincoln City RV park across the highway, but overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Our final northern destination was Seattle, WA. We stayed 45 minutes south at Gigs Harbor RV Resort. In Seattle we visited Pike’s Place Market, ate at the Athenian Inn Restaurant where part of the movie, Sleepless in Seattle was filmed, rode the Great Wheel and went up in the Space Needle. We also spend an afternoon in the very lovely northern coastal town of Port Townsend, WA. I remembered that the massage therapist that we met at Mesa Regal telling me that he stays in Port Townsend in the summer, so I called him and he met us for lunch at a restaurant overlooking the bay.

Leaving Seattle we started driving east stopping at West Yellowstone RV Park in MT where we had a wonderful scenic view of snow capped mountains. Then to Cheyenne, WY where we stayed in a RV park that we would not recommend. From there we went to Greeley, CO where we met up with 4 of our co-workers from Mesa Regal one evening for dinner and .

As you know, we spent 3 months this summer updating our townhouse in MN in order to put it on the market. It is now just a few days away from being the proud ownership of someone else and the sale should be final just before Christmas.

We left MN mid October, making our annual stop in the Madison area to visit our good friend Joy, who was in the hospital recovering from a very complicated surgery. Grateful when we received email a few days later from Joy’s mom, Cindy reporting that she was resting comfortably at home.

From Madison, we meandered our way south with the goal of adding the states of LA and AR to our travel map. During our stay in LA, we decided to go to New Orleans for a day where we booked a tour through this culturally diverse city with a rich history. So glad we went!

We also made stops in Effingham, IL, Jackson, MS, Foley, AL, Panama City, FL & Williston, FL. We especially enjoyed our 2 night stay at the nicely appointed Gulf Shores RV resort in Foley and also the Emerald Coast beaches of Panama City.

We arrived on the Space Coast of FL where we were to spend the winter the first week of November. We were a bit disappointed with the park’s lack of amenities, but enjoyed going to nearby beach side parks where we took long, walks along the shore. We also visited several organic food stores, a seafood outlet with locally caught fresh as well as frozen seafood, grass fed beef, lamb and free range poultry. There was also a nearby flea/farmers market with fresh local produce.

December 15th, we landed in what we anticipate will be our new permanent winter home. No, we haven’t given up the home on wheels. We are in the process of purchasing a lot in a new RV resort in the Fort Myers, FL area. It is a very well planned and beautifully landscaped park with all the amenities we have come to want & appreciate.

I (Rick) can hardly believe that I am about to become a FL resident – something I swore up and down, sideways and every other way would NEVER happen! But you know what they say, ‘never say never!

However, in case you are wondering, I will not be working on that mega tan. The Lord has laid it on my heart the need to invest some time seeking direction for my remaining time here on earth to do what He created me to do with the skills & abilities he has given me. There are a few ideas I am considering which I will share if/when they come to fruition. I would very much appreciate your prayers.

This coming summer, we plan to spend time in MN once again as we try to figure out what to do with our remaining household furnishings and personal belongings in storage.

We miss all of you and hope to see you soon. Until then we hope you have the very merriest Christmas and a blessed, happy and healthy New Year!


Clean Water

I recently purchased a water filter system made by Whirlpool, it is a whole house filter system. This household style filter is intended to clean out most of the nasty chlorine to a level of roughly 98.5%. So it is the next best thing to having soft water, but better yet, with it installed ahead of your water softener this unit will actually lengthen the time between treatment cycles on the water softener.

Rated Service Flow Rate 6.0 gpm (22.7 L/min.)
Pressure Drop at Rated Service Flow 10 psig* (68.9 kPa)
Pressure Drop at 9.6 gpm 15 psig* (103.4 kPa)
Water Pressure Limits (minimum / maximum) 30 – 125 psi (206.8 – 861.8 kPa)
Water Temperature Limits (minimum / maximum) 40 – 100 °F (5 – 38 °C)
Drain Flow Rate 3.4 gpm
Rated Capacity at Chlorine Concentration** of:
0.50 ppm = 2,280,000 gal.*
0.75 ppm = 1,520,000 gal.*
1.0 ppm =   1,140,000 gal.*
1.5 ppm =      760,000 gal.*
2.0 ppm =      570,000 gal.*
Sediment Removal with 30-40 micron particle size 95% or more
Sediment Removal with 40-50 micron particle size 99% or more
So all these stats don’t mean a lot except that the filter will clean out a lot of large and small junk, meaning there is a lot less inside your home, and less to clean up as well. This also helps to keep your water systems working without problems for a longer time. This also means better water flow and less soap needed to lather up and clean up anything in the house. Closing thought is that although this weighs about 40 it is a permanent filter, no replacement part ever needed and even if this is used without a water softener, it will give you far better water quality than any carbon or paper filter on the market. One  other consideration is that if you do connect to well water systems that do not have filters, you will want a sediment filter in place before this filter to remove large particles and rust. The system is preset to backflush itself once every 14 days at 1 AM, it runs for roughly 3 minutes and uses about 10 gallons of water, this is based on the average consumption for a family of four, you can change the interval based more on your own needs.
I also haul this in the back of our Jeep Wrangler Unlimited when we are on the road, having clean quality water for all our needs is worth the little extra labor to set it up at each stop, once you have your hoses set up it’s just the effort of moving it into and out of place.
I did contact Whirlpool to see if the unit could be mounted horizontally, and they said no, did not give a reason, just simply no. I’m hoping someday to actually test it in a horizontal mode, which would allow me to do a more permanent style of installation in our 43ft. coach. That will mean that I have to take it out of the original pretty case and figure out how to place and mount it, but if it works properly in testing it will be well worth the effort.
Where to get it, and what to look for :
On the Lowes.Com website
Whirlpool Whole House Water Filtration System
Item #: 31217 |  Model #: WHELJ1

If you still have a sticks N bricks home, this filter would make an excellent addition there also.

Happy Camping!